WORKOUT: Full Body Circuit with Braden Welsh

WORKOUT: Full Body Circuit with Braden Welsh

Q & A with IMG’s Braden Welsh

Braden Welsh is a Physical Conditioning Coach at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida and is in his second year leading the academy’s basketball strength and conditioning program. Prior to his role at IMG, he served as an Assistant Strength Coach with the University of Illinois Men’s Basketball team. In 2015, Braden graduated from Eastern Illinois with a bachelor's degree in exercise science and received his CSCS from the NSCA that same year. We sat down with Braden and asked him to share the basics of physical preparation and one of his favorite full-body workouts.

Q: What’s your method when it comes to creating a workout plan?

A: The first step is to establish your movement through a series of exercises with the proper form. I break these weight-lifting movements into seven main categories:

  1. Squat
  2. Hinge
  3. Push
  4. Pull
  5. Lunge
  6. Brace
  7. Rotate

Q: What advice can you offer someone looking to incorporate these categories into a workout plan?

A: For anyone building a program, it’s ideal to consider all seven movements when you approach your actual design. As you find your strengths and weaknesses in these categories, you can continually adapt your plan for an eternity. When a particular movement becomes easy, you can alter the variation or increase intensity to give yourself a different challenge. In the last block of this workout, feel free to throw in any of your vanity or "meathead" type movements. Go crazy.

Braden Welsh's Full Body Lift

Circuit 1

repeat this circuit 4 times

Move 1: Goblet Squat
8 reps

Move 2: Dumbbell Bench
6 reps

Move 3: Hollow Hold

Circuit 2

repeat this circuit 4 times

Move 1: Landmine RDL
6 reps

Move 2: Inverted Row
8 reps

Move 3: ½ Kneeling Chop
8 reps

Circuit 3

repeat this circuit 4 times

Move 1: Suitcase Reverse Lunge
6 reps

Move 2: Cable Face Pull
12 reps

Finish With

LADDER: Push Ups/Cable Curl
1. 10 push-ups, 1 curl
2. 9 push-ups, 2 curls
3. 8 push-ups, 3 curls...
Continue until the push-ups reach 1 and curl ladder reaches 10. 

Check out the video below for a closer look at Braden's Full Body Lift

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